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You also need to me to your space brush message?

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You also need to every day I a phone greetings?

You also need to I bored a information thoughts?

You also need to I have something to see you all right?

I also want to continue to hold your hand world disorderly turn!
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I also want to tell you a good fight with your spouse could call every day, noisy!

I also want to have no matter to your school looking for you, in front of the others took your hand, or hold you, because I want to let all people know that you are my woman!

I want to continue
Never say goodbye;
I can handle
Never want to give up,
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When you won't a person
Never say you don't love her no longer.
The only thing I can say is I wish you a happy, the choices you are making let me at a loss.
I don't want you to cancel the qualification and you don't want to pull, I just want to in your heart has a his position.
Had not the love who cannot, I wish you smile. If I just traveler, that can such.
Love to take, I think I have learned, if give up but happy that is worth it!

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Love the way there are many hurt possession to spy into quarrel
Finally I chose far view someone said I understood the sober knowledge

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